Laray Carr Publications…Scammer or Blogslapped?

If any of you are on the freelance writing curcuit you may have heard a little controversy circling a company by the name of Laray Carr. They recently posted an online ad at Online Writing Jobs. They needed a huge quanitity of articles to fill more than 35 new magazines scheduled for release in September. The pay…marginal at $50.00 for 500-1500 words. From what I understand more than a few writers answered their ads and were hired. Laray Carr Publications sent out guidelines along with a contract stating that writers would be paid upon release which was expected on September 20th.

The first trickles of doubt leaked at OnLine Writing Jobs website where one writer, who supplied Laray Carr with articles, was now having doubts to their authenticity. Roger Owens, self proclaimed big wig at Laray Carr, immediately responded with threats of legal action. The post was removed. From there things went wild.

At Writers Row, Deborah Ng posted a blog on her Job Search site: about articles being stolen. Several people posted comments pertaining to Laray Carr,  a lively discussion ensued regarding the legitimacy of Laray Carr. Theories and accusations flew in every direct. Finally, a Hope Hunt, from Laray Carr responded to defend herself and her company. Trying to dispell the rumors by explaining some of the actions of the company…why they had no website or proper e-mail addresses. Unfortunately, she did little to eleviate peoples fears. Fears of not being paid.

From Writers Row, Laray Carr was next featured at Writers Beware , a blog dedicated to exposing scammers and is intended as a resource site for new and experienced writers. This site is dedicated to exposing the scammers out there, who aren’t paying their writers.

A lengthy pros and cons type piece was written. It only raised more red flags and once again Hope Hunt put in her two cents as well as pleading for the safety of her family. Apparently, she was receiving threatning e-mails and faxes from disgruntled and scared writers, feeding off the frenzy of doubt.

I’d like to point out that at both sites the blog entries themselves stay neutral and offer points for both sides of the arguement. The comments however are another story…they range from out and out disbelief that Laray Carr is legit, to God I hope they pay.

There’s one very big IF that many aren’t paying attention to….if Laray Carr is not legit, why are they are spending so much time defending themselves. They’ve been a contributor on every blog thats raised a red flag. Thats a huge amount of effort to go to when pretty much everyone believes they’re a scam.

The time and date for payment has not yet passed. Until that times comes, everything thats been discussed is only rumor and heresay. Whether these writers will get paid, no one knows except Laray Carr themselves. Until then we wait.

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  1. Laray Carr Website is up and running. Go have a look

  2. The Laray Carr homepage went down again several days ago, after several people noted that the photos on the magazine cover mock-ups were potentially stolen.

    Here’s another fun tidbit: The Laray Carr website is registered to Quincy Carr, who has apparently run another scam in the past.

    In my experience, legitimate clients don’t try to bully writers with empty legal threats. Know your libel law. As long as everything written can either be proven as fact or is clearly stated as an opinion, it is within the writer’s rights to publish it. I don’t believe anything that was published on Laray Carr is (or was) libel, and therefore their “legal team” had no grounds to be making the threats they did.

  3. Visit see this post from Micah
    Micah Says:

    Connie posted that she did the magazine covers for the website on the Aug. 24th blog. They are just mock ups not the actual magazines.

    September 11th, 2007 at 10:29 am

  4. we did a large no of articles for them. They emailed and assigned us the articles, and also in writing be email confirmed they were all of acceptable quality. After payment date, they sent this letter. Which says it all, really.

    Dear Writer,
    On behalf of the Laray Carr Company, I would like to thank you for the article(s) you
    have submitted to be published in our magazine publication(s).
    Unfortunately, we will not be using your work in our publication(s) because of the
    misunderstandings that arose in the current writers’ contract, and the contract’s
    inability to express the clear operating terms for usage of articles submitted by
    freelance or contributing writers.
    To verify our working procedures, we abide by industry standards when working with
    writers who submit article(s) for review to be published in any of our magazine
    publications. I would like to clarify our policies and procedures for writers who choose
    to submit articles to our company
    􀁸 All work must be authentic, well-researched, and original
    􀁸 Writers who submit articles to our company should also provide sources and
    back ground information on article viability
    􀁸 If we decided to publish your article, you will be paid in full the amount agreed to
    by the company and the writer (upon publication of the magazine).
    􀁸 Writers will receive credit (byline) in the magazine(s) for which they have written.
    􀁸 If we do not publish your article, the article will be destroyed and the writer will be
    notified that the company will not use the submitted work.
    􀁸 Our company only owns rights to articles published and paid for – no exceptions.
    􀁸 Any articles not published or used by our company remain the sole property of
    the writer. The writer retains all publication and copyright control of the work and
    can be submitted to other publications. The company has no obligation to pay for
    works not used under any circumstances.
    We practice industry standards when dealing with all freelance writers who write for
    our publications. Our policy assures that our editorial staff notifies all writers
    regarding the acceptance or denial of article submissions.
    Again, we will not be publishing the work you have submitted prior to this date. If you
    have interest in writing for our company or any of our publications in the future, feel
    free to contact us anytime.
    Dean S. Person
    VP of Corporate Development

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