Laray Carr…The Final Verdict?

Although the original payment date of September 20th passed without a whisper from Laray Carr, writers were up in arms. Hope Hunt finally replied that although release of now 40 new magazines was moved back to October 1st or 5th (some even said November) the writers would still be paid early. She would get back to writers by Friday 9/21 or Monday 9/24. Meanwhile the shell of a website went up and down as writers picked apart every aspect of the site, from spelling and grammar errors to circulation fantasy totals. The two main comment blogs were rampant with  speculation and inunedo regarding the dubious owner Quincy Laray Carr, and the possible gains Quincy and his coherts had in mind when they started this fiasco.

Commenters came from every corner of the globe as the realization set in, payment was probably not coming. Many writers as well as designers stated their opinions of Laray Carr, Roger Owens and Hope Hunt…most of these were less than flattering. 

Monday came and went and with it the revealing of a contact phone number and company address other than Quincy’s grandmother’s address in Terrell Texas. I’m sure the phone was ringing off the hook and several blog commenters stated that a Mr. Tim Baker had been referred to writers and his comments regarding the quality of writers work was in question. All writers would be updated tomorrow 9/25 .

Some time on Tuesday the e-mail came down and the sh%t hit the fan

3010 LBJ Freeway  Suite 1200  Dallas, TX 75234
Phone: (972) 888.6090  Fax: (972) 888.6091
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Dear Writer,
On behalf of the Laray Carr Company, I would like to thank you for the article(s) you
have submitted to be published in our magazine publication(s).
Unfortunately, we will not be using your work in our publication(s) because of the
misunderstandings that arose in the current writers’ contract, and the contract’s
inability to express the clear operating terms for usage of articles submitted by
freelance or contributing writers.
To verify our working procedures, we abide by industry standards when working with
writers who submit article(s) for review to be published in any of our magazine
publications. I would like to clarify our policies and procedures for writers who choose
to submit articles to our company
 All work must be authentic, well-researched, and original
 Writers who submit articles to our company should also provide sources and
back ground information on article viability
 If we decided to publish your article, you will be paid in full the amount agreed to
by the company and the writer (upon publication of the magazine).
 Writers will receive credit (byline) in the magazine(s) for which they have written.
 If we do not publish your article, the article will be destroyed and the writer will be
notified that the company will not use the submitted work.
 Our company only owns rights to articles published and paid for – no exceptions.
 Any articles not published or used by our company remain the sole property of
the writer. The writer retains all publication and copyright control of the work and
can be submitted to other publications. The company has no obligation to pay for
works not used under any circumstances.
We practice industry standards when dealing with all freelance writers who write for
our publications. Our policy assures that our editorial staff notifies all writers
regarding the acceptance or denial of article submissions.
Again, we will not be publishing the work you have submitted prior to this date. If you
have interest in writing for our company or any of our publications in the future, feel
free to contact us anytime.
Dean S. Person
VP of Corporate Development


Every single writer received this letter as an attachment to an automated e-mail.

Now mind you, until now every writer was under the assumption that their work had been accepted…no revision requests had been received… no refusal letters. Every writer had only Hope Hunt as their company contact as editors later stated they had no access to writers. Hope continually assured writers they’re work had been accepted and they would be paid. Writers took her word but many saved e-mails with her assurances.
Of course the two blogs were rampant with comments and one has now had well over 200 comments and just today was finally shut down because of mudslinging by many frusterated writers. Despite these unfortunate results, writers have a very big plus on their side…comments from individual websites and other online platforms are quite visible by simply googling Laray Carr. If this company is indeed a scam they have garnered a huge display of bad press. If they are legit they are going to be facing an uphill battle trying to find writers of quality to fill their publications as the news of how they have previously treated writers is all over the internet.
As Laray Carr is learning

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