Laray Carr…The Plot Thickens

Just when things seemed to settle down, a whole load of sh&t hits the fan. Laray Carr has sorely under estimated the writers and others involved in their fiasco/scam. It seems they’ve tried to regroup, rename and move forward. The only problem in their new plan—dissension among the ranks—editors, designer/consultants and even the now infamous Hope Hunt have reversed rolls. They’ve now banded together; Hope Hunt, Stephanie ? and Shadra Bruce(appearing as a new company minion after THE LETTER came down). These three Muskateers have visited threads regarding Laray Carr, with theories and information none of the writers were aware of.  They’ve posted information and form letters for all who want to pursue this legally; letters to the FBI and more; for form letters, as well as the rest of the sordid story visit

Now it seems, with Laray Carr’s new company plan, a new Company name has emerged as well. At Elance several ads, posted under CMC Group, are looking for designers and even legal council (pro bono), all are expected to complete many hours of work before payment will be rendered(we all know when that will happen). The thing that gets me, in the ads where payment is addressed the buyer, CMC Group, rants about people expecting payment before finishing and how HE’S been ripped off. That’s rich!

– I will not use a third part escrow system.
– Please do not ask for advance payments or miles stones; please do not ask for some payment after you complete one, two, or three sites. I have been there and done that and was ripped off. Sorry just like bad buyers there are providers who lie about their skills, work, and take peoples money. I lose money you loose work. I rather have my $2000 in my hand.
– You must meet the first deadline. At that deadline all sources files must be delivered on time. You must meet the second deadline at that point all sources files must be delivered. I will require our people to test your work before payment and we will ask you to fix any problems before we pay out.
– You will be paid in full through Pay Pal, or Bank Transfer. No Western Union or Money Gram.
– Must provide samples of your work and do a mock up to show design quality

Shadra, Stephanie and Hope all say the new CMC Group is Laray Carr and Elance has been contacted. Please go to Writers Beware and read this amazing, seemingly never ending, constanly evolving scheme to—and the theories include, Ripping off investors, stealing and reselling articles witers have produced, and/or scamming advertisers for money. Look at the information and make your ouwn decision. 

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  1. Yet another group has emerged…Duemark on has ads with guess what?? The exact same words as cmcgroup on elance AND McFields on He’s like the energizer bunny with company names!!! If you’re going to try and scam people, at least change the wording around on your ads a LITTLE bit. They are EXACTLY the same! What a dummmmmmmmmy.

  2. This guy is nothing if not persistant. Maybe he’s going for the Guiness Book of World records in Scamming or maybe company names. I like that the energizer bunny. Thanks for visiting ;0)

  3. I would like to apologize to anyone who received an email from me during the time that I was associated with Laray Carr. I, too, am a victim of their fraud and deceit. I was contracted by LCP on July 13 to work as a managing editor. I worked for them for 6 weeks plus, and have never received a dime from them. In fact, when I finally attempted to reach out to others who had not been paid by the company, I received a threatening letter from “Roger Owens” aka “Quincy Laray Carr” telling me that I violated the terms of my contract by posting on blogs. Since I am never going to see a dime from them anyway, please let me encourage ALL of you who have been made promises, done work, not been paid, or had creative work stolen by LCP to cooperate with the authorities in Terrell Texas as well as file a complaint with the FBI. Knowing that he’s out there posting more of this crap and trying to scam more people into the game sickens me and I will do everything I can to prevent it. Also: if you were a writer who submitted anything for Centerstage, Certified, Popular Travel or one of the Urban magazines, please email me at and I will send you the edited version of your article. My work should not go to waste and the edited versions may be more marketable.

  4. thanks!

    I was jerked by these bums for 1600 through
    GURU has decalred them fraudulent!


  5. Laray Carr/LC Publications/LCP Media signed a contract with myself for TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to develop all of there websites… when asked for deposits they said “our CEO has been ripped off in the past by freelancers so doesnt like to pay deposits, so we did a deal that we would send over initial concepts then we would recieve the deposit that we asked for…. we sent over the concepts which in there own words “LOVED” did we ever recieve the deposit?! NO! Did we ever have any more contact from them? NO! When we hired a private investigator and they couldnt find any information on the company (at the time) nor the owners (there names didnt bring up ANY information) alarm bells started ringing… we sent an email stating that we’d had a private investigator look into them and was puzzled that they just seemed to be non existant they replied “we decided to have our in house team to do the design work instead, your more than willing to come and meet us at our offices, meet our investors to prove we are real” when we replied to say we would love to fly over from EUROPE to meet them and would gladly pay for the flights ourselves and not bill them, we didnt recieve anymore responces….. are they a real company?! Do they have any money?! Do they have a rich investor?! in my opinon…. HELL NO!

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