Laray Carr…People are Being Mean to Me

So the saga continues…a forum post at is where you’ll find Quincy as biggboie (nice name) His question is…can he sue everyone he’s scammed? That’s a great question since there are many writers and designers he’s jilted. Maybe this is his new get rich quick scheme. Hire a bunch of honest unsuspecting writers and designers to do loads of work for you…don’t pay them…then, when they have the nerve to flex their literary muscle by posting warnings for other honest unsuspectings…Sue their pants off for calling you a %$#^ *   *& )(*&*  %$#& and dragging your good name through the mud. (Of course he’ll have to get an attorney pro bono because we all know he doesn’t pay for anything)


Quincy seems to think all his problems started with the writers he eventually jilted. The problem started much earlier in my opinion. The Food Masters Tournament might have been his first try at—what?  It’s not clear if he set out to screw people or if it was just his first big  fiasco. Whether it was a legit enterprise that went south or a deliberate scheme, he obviously didn’t learn a thing. Why are criminals SO STUPID?

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